We offer innovative, high-quality cabling solutions through the use of our state-of-the-art machines in the production process. Our company constantly invests in advanced technologies to ensure exceptional results and meet the needs of our customers.

One of our flagship machines is the Optima23, an advanced cabling system that combines precision technology with innovative functionality. This machine is designed to handle both small and large production volumes, ensuring maximum precision and quality in every wiring. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and advanced programming capabilities, the Optima23 allows us to quickly adapt to project specifications and build custom cabling with efficiency and precision.

Optima23 is the result of the experience accumulated over the years, an automatic machine of great flexibility and expandability that maintains the philosophy “Recognized winning by the market” of current machines. These prerogatives allow the realization of a wide range of wiring types.

In addition to the Optima23, we use the Corporate Contact ST5, a highly specialized crimping machine for contacts. This state-of-the-art crimping system provides precise and reliable control in the wiring contact connection process.
Thanks to its technology, the Corporate Contact ST5 ensures a secure and reliable connection, ensuring consistent quality in every wiring. The CONTACT ST5 can produce standard crimping, double crimping connections with three different terminals or apply gaskets or sleeves on one or both ends of the wire.

We use the INAR-WBM machine for the optical inspection of cabling. This automatic inspection system uses a combination of high-resolution cameras and advanced analysis software to detect defects, check quality and ensure that the cabling conforms to the required specifications. The INAR-WBM ensures accurate and reliable evaluation, ensuring the excellence of our finished products.

Our focus on innovation and the use of the best machines available on the market allows us to offer reliable, high-quality cabling that meets the most stringent standards. Every step of our production process is subjected to strict quality controls and tests to ensure the compliance and functionality of our cabling.

Choosing to collaborate with our company means getting cabling made with cutting-edge technologies, ensuring accuracy, efficiency and superior quality. We are ready to work with you to develop customized solutions that meet your specific cabling needs.

Contact us today to learn how our precision machinery, including the Optima23, KM Corporate Contact ST5 and INAR-WBM, can help your cabling projects succeed.


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